Specialist Buy to Let Mortgages

For landlords & investors

What is a buy-to-let mortgage?

Buy-to-let mortgages are aimed at landlords/investors planning to purchase property with the intention of renting it out. Therefore, they work in the same way as standard mortgages, however rates are a little higher than on residential purchases.


What does lending through a limited company mean?

Recent tax and regulatory changes mean that setting up and borrowing through a limited company could now be more tax efficient than borrowing on a personal level when it comes to buy-to-let. Although we advise to speak to a tax professional before deciding if this is the correct route for you.


Can I borrow more via a limited company than personally?

This will depend on individual lenders although new guidelines have recently been introduced which may have some impact on affordability calculations surrounding personal buy-to-let borrowing.


Are buy-to-let mortgages for limited companies more expensive?

Historically the answer was yes. However, thanks to some increased competition the rate gap between more mainstream or ‘vanilla’ buy-to-let products and limited company buy-to-let products does appear to be closing. 


What is a portfolio landlord?

According to the Prudential Regulation Authority portfolio landlords are “borrowers with four or more distinct mortgaged buy-to-let properties, either together or separately, in aggregate.”

Buy to let mortgages are aimed at landlords/investors intending to purchase property with the intention of renting it out


What is a ‘vanilla’ buy-to-let mortgage?

This is what most people would class as a standard or more traditional buy-to-let mortgage.


Do ‘vanilla’ buy-to-let mortgages outnumber limited company buy-to-let options?

Numbers of limited company buy-to-let options are rising but these are still greatly outnumbered by  the more ‘standard’ buy-to-let options.



How to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage?

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a first-time landlord or an existing portfolio landlord with a number of properties under your belt, we can help meet all you borrowing requirements.


Need more help?

It’s always advisable to speak to a specialist to help understand if, and how, buy to let finance is right for you.

You can then be matched with the most appropriate solution to meet your borrowing requirements.

Contact us directly to find out more.

Short Term Finance

This is a short-term loan, usually repayable after a period of one month to two years

Development Finance

Helps property developers acquire and complete works on a variety of development projects. 

Specialist Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Aimed at landlords/investors intending to purchase property with the intention of renting it out.

Auction Finance

Research, forward planning and speed are integral elements when purchasing a property at auction. 

* On the rare occasion we have to match clients with an off-panel lender, a fee may be incurred.

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